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I wanted to share my knowledge to my friends all of which may have a Facebook account.

As we know the user up in the world has increased, since the American presidential election.  The reason is up for this to be one social network run by Barack Obama for campaigning. So do not hurt us to have a Facebook account, even who knows we can well known like Obama.

Well for those who do not have a facebook account silahan register first in http://facebook.com/ for the already have immediately wrote to sign in to facebook.

Now who wants me for how WIDGET TO ADD TO FACEBOOK

  1.  Login to facebook.
  2. Please search for widgets on what ja, eg a clock or the other.
  3. Then if already have to widget so continue their HTML Copy
  4.  We go into http://apps.facebook.com/wildfire/fbhandler.ashx?mode=post_share&imp=1&siid=192651392
  5. And when it opened, there is a white box where you paste it after the do not forget to save;


Selamat Mencoba Good luck

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