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Regards .. all!
I just wanted to various suggestions and tips just for my friends all, which of course I also tried the friend, who would not REPOST, it is real in my own handwriting, uh one point his own typing. Anyway do not have much to say, yes, okay to speak must be nearly every person has an account of social networks, especially young people today who he says are not hanging out so if you do not have an account FB.hehehe FB Profile Now so you become more cool You can use the profile photos of different styles of general.so definitely more cool.
I like this example I FB

That’s how cool is not it??
This my friends how:

O> Prepare any photos that you have but, better choose a photo which is roughly going good results.
O> Then click http://lunapic.com/editor/
O> Input image, after selecting an image directly aja click upload now

O> Wait until the process is complete. Next to display like this picture.

O> Then select save all images in the zip file, then the image will be stored in the form. Zip you can extract with a right click and select extract here.
O> As a result there are 6 white photographs, 1 as an image profile 5 pictures to be installed under information.our began to upload a photo profile and then upload photos to 5-4-3-2-1 in sequence, but first it must be stored in a photo album.

O> Next mark your account in each picture starts from the photos to 1-2-3-4-5.
O> Now therefore the results are look visible.

Well apparently my explanation was clear, now turn friends all try and be creative, when I try to send a link profile here yeah! So we see who is more beautiful results.ok
Hopefully helpful and good luck …
by restografiti greetings restografiti


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