>How to Care for Lithium Batteries


Mobile devices that many in circulation today, both phones, smartphones, laptops, most have been using Lithium batteries. There are two types of Lithium battery, Li-Ion and Li-Polymer.The nature of both the same treatment. But in comparison, between Li-ion battery with Li-Poly, Li-poly have decreased the average survival is greater. But lately, the manufacturer announced that the batteries of this type can be in charge of more than 500 times before its capacity drops to 80% only. Another variant of Li-poly, which uses thin film as a rechargeable lithium battery of his, even could be 10,000 times Well let me, your battery life is maintained, the following tips.

  • Mobile devices that will be in a state of charging should die. This will help the battery voltage reaches its lowest unhindered. Charging even more accurate.
  • Do charging at room temperature
  • Lithium batteries do not need a full charge. Filling in part even better.
  • Do not use the battery power runs out. Better to do charging often as possible before the battery runs out.
  • Charger uses different methods for ready-mix indicator. Indicator lights do not always show the real situation, that the battery is full to charger.
  • Do not continue using a charger or your battery, if the device suddenly experiencing overheating.
  • Before lithium is stored in a long time, charging battery until it reaches about 40% – 50%.
  • Batteries are dead in a long time can be turned on again.But when when done and boost the battery voltage does not return to normal levels of battery you are ready to be discarded.

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